Is Kendall Jenner MORE FAMOUS than Kim Kardashian?

Kendall jenner headlines
According to the internet, fashionista Kendall Jenner is smitten with Chris Brown while simultaneously trying to steal Justin Bieber from Selena Gomez and become a Victoria’s Secret Angel while jealous models put cigarette butts in her lattes.

Lately Kim Kardashian has been reduced to boring mom updates while the eldest Jenner streamrolls straight over her and into the spotlight.

Big asses are so 2013. It’s all about “extreme side boob.” 

Selena gomez kendall jenner feud

Slightly off-topic, but still speaking of boobs, about that woman with three breasts… I thought everyone knew that when you get a third boob it has to be implanted in the middle of your spine to combat back problems and balance out the other two. #CommonSense
kendall jenner nipples headline
Kendall jenner chris brown headline

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