The 5 Most Insane Moments of ‘Gone Girl’ (SPOILERS)

gone girl car amy
For so many, Gone Girl is the worst possible marriage scenario, but for me it’s the terrifying story of the craziest woman ever. We have author Gillian Flynn, David Fincher, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike to thank for the most psychological fuckery of 2014. Spoilers ahead.

5. About an hour in, when you realize that Affleck’s character didn’t murder his wife.

4. After being in hiding for several months, Amy (Pike) calls up her ex, Desi Collings (a dapper Neil Patrick Harris), gets tired of staying at his lake house, rapidly shoves a wine bottle up her vagina (to make the cops think she’s been raped) seduces Desi, and slits his throat with a box cutter.
gone girl amy comes home covered in blood
3. Amy shows back up at her old home, covered in blood.

2. Later, she makes her husband take a shower with her (3 1/2 most insane moment: BEN AFFLECK’S PENIS) and confesses to homicide despite convincing the cops that she was kidnapped and acted in self-defense.
1. In the end, Nick (Affleck) ACTUALLY STAYS WITH HER.

So basically, crazy woman gets away with framing someone for murder and also murdering someone and equally crazy husband doesn’t divorce her…

gone girl meme

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