Stories I’m Too Lazy to Write About 1-16-15

Lorde is a drunk because of Taylor Swift. (Jezebel)

Tap your foot to Sleater Kinney’s “No Cities to Love.” (Spin)

Man reunited with dog after 4 years of agony. (Reddit)

Business is booming for professional bridesmaids. (Pix 11)

Jamie Lynn Spears is good with knives under pressure. (TMZ)

People will hate you less if you whack it on the daily. (Evil Beet)

Ian Somerhalder is really, really off the market. (E! News)

Victim’s case almost solid enough to send Cosby to jail. (Gawker)

Miley Cyrus took a shower. (Refinery 29)

What do you think?

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