Nancy Grace Gets Panties in a Wad Over Marijuana Legalization for the 100th Time, Yells at Dr. Drew

nancy grace pot meme2 Chainz and Nancy won’t-listen-to-reason Grace made headlines when they duked it out over whether or not weed is dangerous, and of course 2 Chainz was the rational one.

In a new debate, Nancy made a fool of herself in front of Dr. Drew. (Though Dr. Drew almost beat her out on that front when he sorta kinda said he was for the legalization of meth.) Anyway, since not a lot of kids or women have gone missing or been shot lately, Nancy’s personal marijuana vendetta has grown into a Pacific Rim-sized monster that no one, not even Nancy herself, can put a stop to. 

She seems dead set on actually “changing” the opinions of her guests and audience, which anyone who’s ever had a debate with anyone about religion, politics or music, knows is impossible, but therein lies the challenge of all conservative and liberal shows.

She apparently plans to change opinions using the Colorado man who consumed edibles and killed his wife and a video of an irresponsible mother as “proof” against legalization.

Obviously she likes her drinks stiffer than her hair and will never admit that alcohol is much more dangerous. I kind of love Nancy Grace for not only her complete failure to ever use facts to support her arguments but also her failure to give any fucks at all when it comes to her appearance or your opinion.

If she wasn’t conservative I would worship her like Tina Fey or Rachel Maddow.

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