Is Bruce Jenner Actually Becoming a Woman?

Bruce Jenner transitionAfter reading countless gossip articles telling us basically that the Jenner/Kardashian patriarch Bruce Jenner is becoming a woman all because he likes to wear his hair in a ponytail, I decided the “news” was probably nonsense, but finally, after seeing him with, as the Washington Post points out, long highlighted hair, a French manicure, diamond earrings and lip gloss and his own stepdaughter Kim Kardashian confirming that he’s filming a docuseries about his “journey,” it seems that yes, Bruce Jenner is actually becoming a woman.

An Us Weekly source alleges that Bruce has wanted to transition from male to female, or at least enjoyed wearing women’s clothing, since his Olympic golden days. 

“Kris caught Bruce putting on her clothes,” a friend tells Us. “But she thought she could change him. She thought it was a phase he was going through for attention. … They had massive arguments about it. He feels a lot of anger and animosity toward Kris for suppressing his feminine side.”

I never thought I’d hear myself saying these words, but let’s take the advice of Kim Kardashian and wait for Bruce to tell us in his own words.

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