Measles Outbreak Linked to Idiot Parents

Measles meme The hot new thing right now is measles, a child-killing virus and rash that wasn’t much of a problem developed countries like the U.S. since widespread use of the vaccine in 2000. In 2004, there were only 37 cases, but in 2014 there were at least 644 confirmed cases in the states and many think that Jenny McCarthy the popular anti-vaccine movement is to blame.

If certain parents weren’t opposed to vaccinating their children there would likely be no outbreak in California or a rise in cases in general. 

Yahoo writer Rick Newman compares this new, dangerous outlook to unlawful acts like speeding and not paying child support.

Speed limits are one obvious example. They exist because drivers with the “freedom” to cruise at any speed pose an unacceptable risk to other drivers. Most states have motorcycle helmet laws because unhelmeted bikers who get hurt in a crash must be treated at the hospital, even if they’re uninsured and the cost is borne by taxpayers or others who pay for insurance. Parents who walk away from their kids aren’t just allowed to skip out — they’re usually required to pay child support, at a minimum, as a way of bearing responsibility for something they helped create.

measles cartoonBy the same measure, parents who forgo vaccinations for their kids are passing the risk of infection on to others who never agreed to accept the same risks. As a society, we’re not cool with that. Asking others to bear the risk and cost of your decisions, in fact, is more akin to cowardice than to liberty.

If you’re still not convinced there’s no hope for you, but read this advice from a professor of epidemiology at Kent State anyway:

If you want to do something natural, vaccination is far more natural than if your child ends up on a ventilator or needing antibiotics or if they end up with a brain infection so if you are trying to balance what’s the most natural way to take care of your child, I would say measles vaccine is pretty high up there.

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