POLL: Worse Embodiment: Red Skull or Justin Bieber?

extreme plastic surgery red skull justin bieberHenry Damon – a man with a wife and children who are either also insane or couldn’t convince him otherwise – has opted for multiple surgeries to make him look more like Red Skull, the satan-faced Nazi nemesis of Captain America.

“Most of my customers know that body modification is the last step of body art, everyone knows very well what they want and as well as Henry, many of them are waiting for me for many years to make their dreams a reality,” said the man who helped the real-life Red Skull tattoo his cheekbones and eyeballs and remove part of his nose. 

Damon’s friend added that he “Always dreamed of being Red Skull,” which has me wondering, is feeling like you were meant to live your life as a Marvel supervillain comparable to feeling like you were born the wrong sex?

I feel like a misinformed Fox News correspondent even mentioning the two in the same sentence and an overwhelming urge to dye your face and chop your nose since birth off is more comparable to a plastic surgery addiction than gender dysphoria, but I do think people should pursue whatever makes them happy even if it makes pretty much everyone else uncomfortable.

This definitely isn’t much worse than the men who had surgery to make themselves look like Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

OR the white guy who dreamed of being Asian.


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