Super-Centenarian Attributes Old Age to Raw Eggs, Single Life

Emma morano CentenarianThe oldest woman in Europe and fifth oldest in the world, 115-year-old Italian-born Emma Morano tells the New York Times she believes she’s cruised through three centuries because of her diet, which has included three raw eggs a day since adolescence, and her decision never to remarry.

Morano has been living the single life since 1938, when she separated from her husband and forever decided she “didn’t want to be dominated by anyone.”

Amazingly, Italy’s famous super-centenarian refuses to ever go to the hospital.

A neighbor checks in periodically, and is on call for emergencies, but there have not been many. The few times she has been ill, she has “refused to set foot in a hospital,” even having blood transfusions or stitches done at home, said Carlo Bava, the doctor who has cared for her since she turned 90.

The stress of waiting for doctors a relationship can shave up to 30 years off your lifespan, so choose wisely. A relationship and 80+ years, or 100+ years alone.

2 thoughts on “Super-Centenarian Attributes Old Age to Raw Eggs, Single Life

  1. My father is 100. The key: Mediterranean diet, two glasses of wine a day, normal BMI, walked when he played golf, stubbornness, a few good genes and ignored my mother’s harping


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