Chemical Used to Turn Soda Brown Causes Cancer

Harry Styles pepsiPeople who thought avoiding diet soda would help them steer clear of cancer are sorely mistaken. These days, due to the laziness and greed of manufacturers, you can count on the additives in pretty much all prepackaged, non-organic food and drink to put you at risk for cancer, including of course, the common chemical used to turn your favorite sodas brown.

Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper and other brands have been strongly linked to the disease due to their use of 4-Methylimidazole. 

Toxicologists warn consumers that over the course of the next 70 years we should see up to 5,000 cases of cancer in the U.S. caused solely by 4-MeI exposure and that caramel coloring containing it ideally “should not be added to food” anymore.

In recent years, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have slightly reduced but not eliminate the use of 4-MeI in their recipes to keep in line with certain FDA standards, though a rep for Coke called the reports “scientifically unfounded” and said they believe “There is no public health risk” to justify the change.

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