Emma Watson and Prince Harry Aren’t a Thing

Hermione mud bloodSo you heard that Emma Watson and Prince Harry are an item, yes? Well, they’re not. Firstly, Watson is a classy young broad who I’d like to believe has much better taste than that, and second, she said so on Twitter (sort of).

But then again, I wanted to believe that Hermione Granger wouldn’t fall for a certain sweet-yet-clueless ginger with a knack for being dead weight when people are busy trying their hardest to destroy Voldemort. Lesson: anyone lacking the last name “Potter” or “Radcliffe” is a bad choice for her.

Here’s what Watson had to say on social media about not dating a full-blood prince:

The “exclusive” story from Women’s Day Australia detailed a tryst that thrived on “secret dates” and the fact that Harry is “smitten” for more than just “Emma’s looks,” and is instead after her soul because he doesn’t have one. 

I’ve learned my lesson about not believing everything I hear. That’s why this photo of Emma and Prince WILLIAM is the real story.

As you can she, she’s confronting him about their relationship in public and he’s trying to pretend like he only knows her from climaxing to that part in her feminist speech where she talks about men being imprisoned by gender stereotypes.

Poor, poor Kate Middleton.

Sadly, the media will always have the time to falsify rumors and the public will always have the time to believe them. Speaking of too much time, can someone have a talk with Tumblr about their “fan art”? Maybe I didn’t want to look up “Hermione Granger” and see her getting banged by house elves today.

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