Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ List DID NOT Include Joan Rivers

joan and melissa rivers first red carpet interviewThe 87th Academy Awards had plenty of time for a guitar-playing Batman, Sean Penn making green card jokes and embarrassing Dakota Johnson, but NO time for their longtime employee, Joan Rivers. 

Rivers — a woman who epitomized show business and the Oscars in general — was snubbed from the show’s In Memoriam segment that included and multiple marketing directors, producers and sound editors.

Let me remind you that at one time, Joan was the only one who did red carpet commentary. She is also the the inventor of “Who are you wearing?”, not to mention a very accomplished comedian, writer, actress and co-host. 

Whether it slipped the Academy’s mind or they intended to omit her, this is the kind of shameful nonsense that not even a hundred beautiful “Stay Weird” speeches can erase from my memory.

3 thoughts on “Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ List DID NOT Include Joan Rivers

  1. Loved Joan. She was so fuckin’ funny and that shit was simply shameful.

    I mean, no offense to the random ‘marketing director’ lady they included or whatever, loss hurts any involved – but how the fuck does Joan Rivers get left out?

    Sense not made.


    1. Because she made to many people angry in the industry probably ticked them off about bagging on their dresses too much she would never kiss ass either!


  2. Does anyone thinks this was not on purpose people did not like her they say I think they are fuckers.


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