OITNB Actress Shed 50 Pounds in 7 Months

Big boo weight lossLea DeLaria, who plays Big Boo on Orange is the New Black credits her weight loss to diabetes.

“What you need to do is, first contract diabetes. Two, take the medication that they give you for diabetes,” she told reporters at an annual dinner for New York’s LGBT Community Center.

“[I was] told that you can either eat potatoes or have beer,” DeLaria, who has lost a whopping 50 pounds since Sept. 2014, said. “So I went with beer.” 

Hold the phone, she chose beer over potatoes? I love a cold one as much as the next girl, but I’ll take French Fries over Heineken any day.

DeLaria continued to throw more than a few fat jokes in the mix while explaining that the medication she takes for type 2 diabetes completely stunts her appetite.

“My fiancée is like, ‘You’re living my dream!’ It ain’t my dream – I’d rather eat a steak, let’s be honest,” she said.

Excuse me while I drive 270 miles to the nearest In-N-Out in honor of being [fairly] healthy. Big Boo is a stronger woman than I.


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