Batman Looks Like Iron Man In New Trailer

There’s a scene in the new Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer where Ben Affleck’s Batman looks suspiciously like he’s wearing a black version of Iron Man’s suit.

Affleck has also chosen to use the classic deep, loud and over-the-top voice we’d grown to hate in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movies.
Batman iron man
While we still don’t know exactly why Batman and Superman are fighting (other than to make Warner Bros. a sh*tload of money at the box office), the Superman statue with “False God” painted on the chest plate might be a clue.

3 thoughts on “Batman Looks Like Iron Man In New Trailer

  1. It’s interesting that they would choose to change something as specific as the Bat-Suit, but wouldn’t abandon the dark – and arguably over-done – cinematic filter. It was perfect for the last three films, and it worked fine for Superman, but I think it’s getting kind of tired at this point. Where’s the fresh lens that should be awarded to this new franchise? Without it it may be hard to completely stand alone.


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