This is a blog, with a twist of everything – not just hypothetical lemons and limes.

My name is Hallie Madenski and I hail from a technology cave in the surrounding Portland, Oregon area with an army of specially-trained attack cats.

My blog, The Twist, is dedicated to celebrities, music, TV, movies, sports and video games. My goal is to provide a humorous or intriguing perspective on music and pop culture to passersby.

And lastly, how many blogs are written by homely ginger nerd girl cat ladies? Okay maybe I’m not the only one, but there’s gotta be like, not THAT many. I’m a realist. Sometimes a pessimist. A cynic. Avid music collector, gossiper, gamer, and human female introvert.

Covering Pop. Rock. Lindsay Lohan. Indie. Reggae. Idiots. Rap. Alternative. And everything in between.

(And yes, that is a Lady Gaga cartoon)

Inspirations: Howard Stern, Emily Haines, Shirley Manson, The Girl With The Dragon Fire Hornet Tattoo, Bertrand Russell and of course the lord, Jesus Allah Buddha Spaghetti Monster Angelina Jolie.

Find me on Pinterest
Tumblr (for people who can’t read)
Instagram (for people who can read… less)
Last.Fm (point and laugh at my musical tastes)
Facebook (The Twist fan page)
and Twitter.

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