Here are some websites you might enjoy, because I enjoy them, and I’m that selfish…

Evil Beet (uber opinionated gossip)
Oh My GAHH (juiciest gossip) <– friend of The Twist
Jezebel (lady gossip)
Drunken Stepfather (man gossip)
Amy Grindhouse (gossip)
Celebuzz (gossip)
The Frisky (gossip)
ONTD! (gossip)

Grouchy Muffin (humorous news) <– friend of The Twist
Pajiba (movies/news)
Cracked (humor/lists)
UPROXX (news/humor)
The Daily Beast (news)
Gawker (news)
Huffington Post (entertainment)
The Berry (everything)

Popdust (celebrities/music)
Stereogum (music)
Music Sumo (music!) <– friend of The Twist
Idolator (music news)

Snobbery (books/movies/humor) <– friend of The Twist
Photoshoot (fashion/magazine covers)
Chicquero (fashion)
Laughing Squid (design)
Terry Richardson’s Diary (photography)

Deadspin (sports)
The Chive (photos/random)
io9 (geek stuff)
The Mary Sue (girly geek stuff)
Kotaku (video games)
Joystiq (video games)
The Throttle (car porn)

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