‘Game of Thrones’ Direwolf Lives With Actress Who Plays Sansa Stark

Sophie turner adopted direwolf In your daily “awww,” the dog actress (is there still not a less informal word for that?) who played Lady on Game of Thrones was adopted in real life by Sophie Turner, aka the actress who plays Sansa Stark.

“Growing up I always wanted a dog, but my parents never wanted one,” Turner told The Coventry Telegraph of the gorgeous Mahlek Northern Inuit Dog she was introduced to three years ago. “We kind of fell in love with my character’s dire wolf, Lady, on set. We knew Lady died and they wanted to re-home her.”

I wish I had enough space to “re-home” all the animals I’ve mourned in film and TV, but I only mean that if Mufasa counts. And the octopus from Oldboy.

Lisa Robin Kelly of ‘That ’70s Show’ Dead at 43

Lisa Robin Kelly 70s show stillLisa Robin Kelly, the actress who portrayed Forman’s snarky, troublemaking sister Laurie on That ’70s Show, passed away in rehab on Wednesday night in California of cardiac arrest.

In 2012, Kelly admitted that she was replaced on That ’70s Show (her character went away to beauty school) because she “was guilty of a drinking problem.” Christina Moore (90210) ended up returning to fulfill the role in the sixth season.

TMZ points out that Kelly was “arrested at least 4 times in the past 3 years for DUI, spousal abuse and assault” and that her boyfriend believes her death was stress-related.

Her most recent brush with the law occurred on June 23, when she failed to pass a sobriety test after police found her parked illegally on Interstate 5.

Ashley Greene For British GQ, December 2012

Breaking Dawn star Ashley Greene covers British GQ‘s December issue (on newsstands November 1) with the subtitle “Ashley Greene wants to be a BIG movie star. Have you got a problem with that?”

I wasn’t aware there was a riot parade of people protesting Ashley Greene’s fame.

She hasn’t been in many movies besides Twilight. Recently LOL (3.4 rating on IMDb), The Apparition (4.2) and the upcoming film CBGB, by the director of Houseguest.

I’m not saying she can’t act or won’t be a big star outside of Stephenie Meyer stuff.

Many actresses end up in flops before that one big [credible] project comes along and shoots them out of the straight-to-DVD abyss. I can see her being somewhere in Rachel McAdams. Romantic comedies might work. Here are some dating-related interview highlights: Continue reading “Ashley Greene For British GQ, December 2012”

Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?

You’d be 100% right in second guessing me when I say that Michelle Williams is in Silent Hill Revelation 3D, because she’s a credible actress (then again, so is Milla Jovovich) who probably has too much integrity to accept such a meatless role.

If you saw the trailer you also wouldn’t be wrong in assuming the main character is played by Williams.

In actuality, the mysterious woman who stole Michelle’s face is Adelaide Clemens, an Australian actress who starred in the little known but critically acclaimed television series Love My Way and had a very small part in X-Men Origins: Wolverine as “carnival girl.” Continue reading “Michelle Williams Is In The New Silent Hill Movie?”