Celebrity Mohawks, 2011-2012 Edition

Sean Paul, Usher and Glee's Mark Salling

One mohawk runs its course and several others spring up, resilient as ever. It’s a bold move, one Josh Duhamel was just seen sporting. Coincidentally Fergie (Duhamel’s wifey) bandmate Will.i.am no longer has one.

I like mohawks and faux hawks and all that nonsense. Even if they look AWFUL, it’s the kind of thing you have to look at as a failed performance art attempt.  Continue reading “Celebrity Mohawks, 2011-2012 Edition”

Andy Roddick Is On The Verge Of Baldness, Solution: Mohawk

You can shave your head when you’re beyond help, which is what Vin Diesel and Bruce Willis do OR you can give yourself a mohawk when your hairline is receding like a cliff bordering a fault line, and that’s exactly what 30 year-old tennis star Andy Roddick did.

He showed up at his first tournament of 2012, the Kooyong Classic in Melbourne, with a brand new hairdo and a charming press conference explanation to boot.

“I’m pretty sure I only have a year or two left with hair, so I decided to have fun with it.” 

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