Trump Boys In Hot Water Over African Hunting Pictures

Eric and Donald Trump Jr. are in trouble over some pictures taken in Zimbabwe of the pair and several exotic animals they hunted such as an elephant, crocodile, water buck, civet cat and antelope.

I grew up in a small town that happened to be very hunt-friendly. It was ordinary for the guys (and some girls) to walk around in full camouflage, the scent of cow manure clouding around them like Pig-Pen.

I’m not “against” it. I understand that shooting and eating a deer isn’t a bad thing when you’re substituting it for some factory-bred hormone-injected steak meat from Burger King.

ON THE OTHER HAND, when I hear about rich people wandering around in Africa with rifles aimed at nearly-endangered animals for no other reason but to kill, it pisses me off.  Continue reading “Trump Boys In Hot Water Over African Hunting Pictures”

Brooke Hogan Is An Animal

[Photo by Jordan Michael Zuniga]

And when I say she’s an animal I don’t mean like, a Ke$ha Animal, not like a simple party girl, which she is, but literally an animal in a cage.

The semi-infamous daughter of now divorced Hulk and Linda Hogan, posed nude in a dog cage to benefit PETA, at the Cafeina gallery in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida.

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