Dan Castellaneta Does 26 ‘Simpsons’ Voices

Simpsons voice chart
Hank Azaria is frequently and rightfully praised for his voice acting on The Simpsons, where he embodies Moe, Apu, Cletus, Snake and many more, BUT let’s not forget that Dan Castellaneta is the voice of 26 regulars including Homer since its 1989 premiere.

I’d like to see charts for H. Jon Benjamin, the lead on both Archer AND Bob’s Burger’s, and John DiMaggio (Jake The Dog on Adventure Time and Bender on Futurama).

The Return of Sailor Moon?????

I’m literally about to shit unicorns. My favorite childhood obsession Sailor Moon will be making an international return in the Summer of 2013. I’ve always wanted it to come back with new animation. It’s been 20 years since the first episode aired! Hopefully this time they cater it to adults.

Half of the people reading this are probably thinking “wait wtf is a sailor moon” well Google and YouTube it mofos. Waste half your life obsessing over it like I did. You get to see teenage girls spinning around naked on the coolest acid trip ever. No pedo…..no pedo.

It’s also the first epic love story of our century, Bella and Edward don’t got nothing on Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. There’s love, hate, death, violence, friendship……it’s pretty much like the short lifespan of my semen.
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