Don’t Call Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ An Album, It’s A ‘Multimedia Experience’

Lady Gaga made a big announcement about her second full-length album ARTPOP on her website Wednesday

Turns out, ARTPOP is going to be more than just an album.

It will be an app for your iPad, iPhone, Android, and computer which will allow fans to chat with each other about Lady Gaga and her music, play games, and receive “important” updates from Mother Monster herself.

“Im excited to tell you all that ARTPOP is going to be a multimedia experience that comes in different forms,” Gaga writes.

I think this is especially confusing because everyone already thought her new immersive social media platform ( had satisfied the narcissistic attention-craving artist within.  Continue reading “Don’t Call Lady Gaga’s ‘ARTPOP’ An Album, It’s A ‘Multimedia Experience’”

‘Fingle’ Is Twister For Your iPad-Loving Hands

There’s a new Twister-like game out for iPad which focuses on “The thrills of touching each others’ hands,” as is described on their retro-themed website.

“Explore the intimate touch of each others fingers with Fingle’s two-player puzzles. Break the ice or engage friends to get awkwardly close. Fingle is a cooperative two-player iPad® game about the thrills of touching each other.” Continue reading “‘Fingle’ Is Twister For Your iPad-Loving Hands”

‘Joustin Beaver’ App Has Right To Parody

Justin Bieber’s legal team are not against people making beaver jokes about their client – until there’s money involved. Lawyers for the bambino are scratching their heads over a new app called “Joustin’ Beaver.”

The cartoon game, created by RC3, follows Joustin’ as he floats down the river and is accosted by hogs. Phot-hogs, plus handing out “otter graphs.” Bieber’s people demand that it be removed from the iTunes app store. They also want records of all revenue collected by RC3, who say,  Continue reading “‘Joustin Beaver’ App Has Right To Parody”

Facebook Releases Pointless “Messaging” App

Two weeks ago Facebook unleashed a new app, a messaging app and not a much needed chat app. I’m a little late to tell you how much it blows, but I still feel it is relevant to discuss.

It’s available for both iPhones and Android devices and is supposed to make it easier reach you FB friends. However, I think this is the most unnecessary app I’ve ever seen, especially when it’s made by the second largest internet company in the world.

An engineer for Facebook, Lucy Zhang told the press,

“Messenger is a separate app, so it only takes one click to get to your messages or send a new one. Messages are delivered through notifications and texts, so your friends are more likely to get them right away,”

Continue reading “Facebook Releases Pointless “Messaging” App”