Bodily Newsflash: Justin Bieber Spitting on Others Makes Me Puke on Myself

justin bieber spitting on fans What a surprise. On Thursday Justin Bieber spit on his fans — the very people who brought him to the current level of success that allows him to stand on fancy balconies — in Toronto. From NY Daily News:

The 19-year-old tween idol turned bad boy was caught on camera hawking a mouthful of saliva over a hotel balcony in Toronto Thursday – as a throng of Beliebers were gathered outside to catch a glimpse of their hero.

The pictures, which were first flagged by, show an unidentified friend of the Biebs laughing at the crude prank.

Sweet potato Jesus, I hate when people call Justin Bieber a “bad boy.” He’s bad like a baby grasping at sharp cabinet drawers or putting pennies in his mouth, but he’s not exactly Mickey fucking Rourke.

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Hopefully Coco Chanel Would Have Been a Belieber…

Justin bieber chanel mask Justin Bieber‘s favorite thing besides pillow fights, facials (at the spa, pervs), convincing his fans they have a shot with him and throwing his tiny Borrower/Indian in the Cupboard arms at giants, is mask shopping.

Bieber has a wide assortment of the things, and while past favorites have including the harder gold and gas variety, his latest is a Chanel ski mask.

Writing “Channel” instead of “Chanel” seems forgivable considering what a hard time the kid has had lately with cough syrup, weed, car crashes, Selena Gomez, the paparazzi… OH WAIT, he’s a teenage billionaire. Nobody cares.