Justin Bieber Hitches Ride up the Great Wall on Bodyguard’s Shoulders

Justin Bieber great wallJustin Bieber can’t really be bothered to wear a shirt, pull up his pants, go the speed limit or walk up The Great Wall of China without help from his security team. In recent photos posted to Instagram, the 19-year-old turd that was never flushed was shown riding up the famous stairs in Beijing on two of his bodyguard’s shoulders. The positioning of his hands suggest that he is either masturbating or checking his phone, because his privilege equals my suffering.

Not that he wouldn’t be a twat without the fame, but at least he wouldn’t have the option to NOT walk up the Great Wall. He’d still be on YouTube smashing his vagina into a drum stool. Continue reading “Justin Bieber Hitches Ride up the Great Wall on Bodyguard’s Shoulders”

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