Your Daily Snooki (Why Can’t This Be A Reality?)

Calm down. I’m not actually going to post about Snooki every single day. I unofficially almost do that anyway, so there’s no need for an announcement.

There is a need however, for Snooki and Lindsay Lohan to run for president and VP, though I really think Snooki’s name should be on top. We all know Lindsay would turn the Oval Office into a meth lab, whereas Snooki would merely replace the flags with Leopard print throws.

Anyway, I’m a big fan and feel the need to summarize her life. Jersey Shore is back for its final season and pregnant Snooki (who is partially responsible for this being the last season) moved out of the shore house because she couldn’t get a good night’s sleep with all the hooting and hollering and smooshing. Cutie McSausage is still on the show, just not in the house.

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Is ‘Breaking Amish’ The Fakest Reality Show Since ‘The Hills?’

As reality show viewers, we’ve come to accept that certain things about our favorite programs are in some way fake or staged. The “cast” of MTV’s The Hills admitted to reenacting situations and changing their clothes several times a day to film specific scenes.

TLC’s Breaking Amish, a show about Amish people (and one Mennonite) between the ages of 20 to 32 who wish to leave their isolated farming communities to explore New York, may not have a script or big-name celebrities, but it does appear to be 90% fabricated.

All but one of the five cast members have been or are married, and one photo submitted on the Facebook page Breaking Amish: The Truth is supposedly of a married Rebecca and Abe (who pretended to be strangers), holding their baby.

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