For $2,000 You Can Consume A 338-Pound Hamburger!

In what has got to be the worst state (Michigan) in all of America, next to the Dakotas, Idaho and New Jersey, you can buy a gigantic 334 pound burger for the price of two thousand dollars! Mmmm.

The Southgate (14 miles from Detroit) restaurant is called Mallie’s Sports Grill & Bar and the 540,000 calorie meat pile (it looks like a giant dark worm-brownie) is known as the “Absolutely Ridiculous Burger.”

It also comes with fries and a drink and takes 22 hours to cook, says manager Jason Jones, who wanted to created a world record. He did too, because this is officially the largest burger ever made.

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Wendy Thomas Named ‘Hot ‘N Juicy’ Burger After Her Dad

Wendy Thomas, forever frozen in time as the famous freckled namesake and mascot of the fast food chain Wendy’s, is in a new advertisement for the restaurant.

An ad where she explains that their newest menu item is named after her father, who passed away in 2002.

Her dad, Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s, is being honored now with the 810 calorie “Dave’s Hot ‘N Juicy” cheeseburger that boasts the “thickest, hottest, juiciest beef ever…”

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‘Maggot Burger’ Served At Colorado State Fair

Jungle George‘s food stand at the Colorado State Fair includes some very interesting menu options. One is a “Maggot Melt Sandwich,” which is melted cheese and maggots between bread.

Founder/owner George Sandefur’s official “Jungle George’s Exotic Meats and Bugs” menu also includes crickets, scorpions, alligator, buffalo and ostrich.

At various fairs in the past George has made glazed donut hotdogs and fried jellybeans famous.

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Mark & Donnie Wahlberg’s “Wahlburgers” Restaurant

Mark, Donnie and Paul (the unknown chef brother) Wahlberg are opening a burger restaurant in Boston. The brothers already operate the well-known Italian restaurant Alma Nove, and have plans to also start their own pizzeria next Spring.

Wahlburgers will open across from Alma Nove, at Hingham Shipyard in Boston Massachusetts and will include outdoor and indoor seating that can accommodate around 120 guests.

I wonder if the burgers will be named after Mark Wahlberg movies? Or  Marky Mark songs, or New Kids On The Block songs! Oh my god…

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