James Franco is Telling Tall Tales About Lindsay Lohan Again

James Franco still seems really overly upset about being on that list of famous dudes Lindsay Lohan slept with.

After denying it adamantly and telling Howard Stern about her stalker tendencies, he’s gone out of his way to bring it up again, this time in an article on Vice where he describes the time he read Nine Stories to her for no apparent reason besides that he wanted his name to be mentioned in the same breath as J.D. Salinger’s.

James seems to have pulled a Maureen Dowd and eaten too many weed chocolates, because the story is 80% nonsense references to movies and actors he enjoys and 20% Lohan.

Here’s every namedrop and movie mention, so you can get an idea of just how ADD he is:

Leo DiCaprio, Lukas Haas, My Own Private Idaho, Kurt Cobain, Rebel Without a Cause, Gus Van Sant, Titanic, Martin Scorsese, River Phoenix, Witness, Harrison Ford, Buffalo ’66, Woody Allen, Christian Bale, Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine, David Blaine, American Psycho, Andy Kaufman, Milk, Keanu Reeves, Nicolas Winding Refn, Drive, Cher, Burlesque, Terry Richardson, Meryl Streep, Buddha. (The worst part is, I left quite a few out.)

He claims Lindsay crept into his room at Chateau Marmont one night because she was lonely and that he ran his fingers through her hair after she passed out with her head on his chest which honestly makes him just as weird as her.  Continue reading “James Franco is Telling Tall Tales About Lindsay Lohan Again”

Lindsay Lohan Shut Out Of Chateau Marmont, Owes $46,000

Lindsay Lohan is closing on seven entire years of train wreck fame. After her early appearances on SNL and performance in the movie Mean Girls, she entered into the territory of being famous not for her talents, but for her repeated mistakes.

To confirm that she’s in complete denial of this, the freckled queen of immoral behavior got a Billy Joel lyric tattoo with the words “Clear as a crystal sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” scrolling across her side.

Maybe if she spent more time proving that she belongs in the industry and less on TELLING us, she wouldn’t be in the news so much for things like owing Chateau Marmont $46,350 for a two-month stay.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Shut Out Of Chateau Marmont, Owes $46,000”

Katy Perry And John Mayer, The Latest ‘Couple’ Revealed To The Public In A Car

Has anyone seen Death Note? It’s this anime show about a kid who gets a magic notebook. When he writes a name in the book, that person dies, but he has to have seen the person’s face in order for it to work.

John Mayer must have a similar book for women he wants to date. Jots down Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Simpson, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, and poof – they fall out of the sky into the sunroof of his car and are instantly in love with him.

The paparazzi have a longstanding relationship with celebrities in cars.

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Welcome To The Jungle, Lana Del Rey

It’s quite possible that Lana Del Rey took off her Blue Jeans for Axl Rose.

The two were photographed (and videoed) leaving Chateau Marmont hotel together on Friday.

Daily Mail reports that Lana was seen at two Guns N’ Roses concerts last month. She also has a song called “Axl Rose Husband.”

Rose is 25 years her senior, but this story somehow doesn’t surprise me as much as it should.

I think, like her songs, this is an ironic move. She’s always singing about money, tattoos, fame, and rock ‘n’ roll.

It doesn’t get more…any of those things, than Axl Rose, does it?

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Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye”

To watch the video “Goodbye” you have to go through the formalities of Avril saying bye to you, the fan. (Or person who is mildly interested)

She filmed the intro at Chateau Marmont, before the last show of her Black Star tour, on a bed and in a bath tub. Lingerie, champagne, blonde wig.  Continue reading “Video: Avril Lavigne – “Goodbye””