Video: David Bowie – “The Next Day”

This video has created a small amount of controversy since its release last week. A former Archbishop called it “juvenile” as if he were Madonna rolling eyes at M.I.A’s Super Bowl mishap.

(Bringing up Madonna’s name is mandatory when referencing church-related controversy.)
David Bowie the next day still
“The Next Day,” featuring Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard as priest and prostitute, also became age-restricted on YouTube for its graphic content. In a way, I’m with Archbishop Carey….  Continue reading “Video: David Bowie – “The Next Day””

Angus T. Jones Wants To Be Fired From ‘Two and a Half Men’

Two And A Half Men has regrettably been on since 2003, and one of its stars is fed up with the fame and the $350,000 per-episode check.

Angus T. Jones, the half-man who plays Jon Cryer’s son, is denouncing the show because of God, and television being bad for your brain.

“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching ‘Two and a Half Men. I’m on Two and a Half Men and I don’t want to be on it,” 19-year-old Jesus Jones aka Jake Harper explains in a video for Forerunner Christian Church (their website has a fascinating “about” section, explaining the lord’s interest in real estate).

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