Nick Stahl: ‘Weed is For Pansies, I Want METH!’

That yellow bastardAt some point in life, we all live uncomfortably close  to a neighborhood that isn’t exactly the apple of Steve Sanders’ eye.

And every “bad” neighborhood has “that” park. You know it well.

The one by the bus stop with grass that prefers McDonald’s wrappers over water.

I myself walked through a park like that nearly every day in my early twenties, and only once was I asked to buy anything other than a dime bag of weed by a toothless man in a suspiciously nice coat.

Radar Online reports, for the millionth time, that actor Nick Stahl IS that man in the park. Or in this case, the man by the methamphetamine clinic. (Often they’re one and the same.)  Continue reading “Nick Stahl: ‘Weed is For Pansies, I Want METH!’”

Demi Moore Spends 50th Birthday at Icy Anti-Aging Clinic

Happy birthday, prowling underfed cougar! Demi Moore turns 50 today and lady bought herself a present on Wednesday – a sexy cryotherapy session at a clinic in Los Angeles.

Here’s how it works: you walk into a chamber that blasts you with extremely cold air, basically shocking your body into producing more heat and collagen, which increases your metabolism and makes your skin look younger.

Cryohealthcare’s website boasts that anywhere between 500 and 800 calories can be burned following your walk in Dracula’s freezer. I’m not even going to knock this. I mean, she definitely doesn’t look 50.

If I didn’t know, I’d guess 41. If she’d just swallow a few sticks of butter, I’d probably be able to knock it down to 37.

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