GQ Made Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bang a Clown

Julia Dreyfus clown sexFirst of all, I want to applaud Time magazine for trying to write a serious piece about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ “lust-filled embrace” with a shirtless clown.

While they chose the title “Clown Sex and the Rise of Funny-Naked Women,” Gawker went with the much more straightforward and attention-grabbing “Julia Louis-Dreyfus F*cks a Clown For GQ.”

It’s not too hard to imagine Louis-Dreyfus agreeing to this, seeing as it was for the Comedy Issue, listing her as one of the “15 Funniest People Alive,” and this picture is definitely funny.

What’s almost better is the photo of the aftermath. #ClownBaby

Dreyfus is on a roll lately, also causing a bit of a controversy when she posed for an April cover of Rolling Stone with words from the US Constitution tattooed on her nude body.

Random Celebs Weigh in on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy

Jon Stewart duck dynastyA hoard of famous whelps crawled out of the woodwork to comment on homophobic comments made by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson over the week, from the Stephen Colberts to the reality famewhores. Here’s what Robertson said to stir the pot:

“Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men.”


“It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus. That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

And here’s what a bunch of other noteworthy-ish people had to say…

Jon Stewart: “I assumed it was a show in which ducks re-enact the show ‘Dynasty’ … which, by the way, would have a huge gay following,”

George Takei: “I don’t really care feather someone on a reality show said something about gays that didn’t fit the bill. He’s entitled to his opinion, even if it’s for the birds. But the network also is worried about flocking with its base, so if it feels it should drake him over the coals for making his fowl comments, so be it.”

Stephen Colbert:  “It’s not the eloquent speech you might expect from a backwoods Louisiana bird-murderer.”  Continue reading “Random Celebs Weigh in on the ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy”

Canadian Mayor Says He Has ‘More Than Enough’ P*ssy to Eat at Home

Rob Ford mayor wifeMarried trainwreck mayor of Toronto Rob Ford stood in front of a room full of press yesterday to deny a whole mess of things, including telling one of his staff members that he wanted to eat her out.

Ford, a notorious partier and admitted crack user said, “I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much.”

This kind of thing would never fly in America, but if I had to compare his attitude to two people I’d go with Rex Ryan and Vladimir Putin. Amount of f*cks given: 0.0.

Rolling Stone Put the Boston Bomber on the Cover Because He’s Young (Like You)

Boston bomber rolling stoneIn perhaps the worst, most distasteful PR move of this year, Rolling Stone magazine decided to run an issue featuring Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev – who, with his now-deceased brother, killed three people and injured nearly 300 using a homemade explosive in April – on the cover.

Rolling Stone’s editors have already said that they are committed to “serious and thoughtful coverage” of important political and cultural issues, arguing that Tsarnaev’s age makes him a prime candidate. From Facebook:

“The fact that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is young, and in the same age group as many of our readers, makes it all the more important for us to examine the complexities of this issue and gain a more complete understanding of how a tragedy like this happens. –THE EDITORS”

I think it’s pretty obvious why the definitive music magazine put him on the cover. Controversy = sales.

The tactic works, but there’s just no way to show that the face of a murderer can appear quite normal and non-threatening without also allowing future terroristic criminals to not only believe, but know that their face can one day be on the cover of a trendy and established magazine.  Continue reading “Rolling Stone Put the Boston Bomber on the Cover Because He’s Young (Like You)”

Video: David Bowie – “The Next Day”

This video has created a small amount of controversy since its release last week. A former Archbishop called it “juvenile” as if he were Madonna rolling eyes at M.I.A’s Super Bowl mishap.

(Bringing up Madonna’s name is mandatory when referencing church-related controversy.)
David Bowie the next day still
“The Next Day,” featuring Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard as priest and prostitute, also became age-restricted on YouTube for its graphic content. In a way, I’m with Archbishop Carey….  Continue reading “Video: David Bowie – “The Next Day””

Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy

Mexico barbie 2013Mattel’s latest batch of “Dolls of the World” Barbies are causing controversy. Specifically, the Mexican version, with her passport and Chihuahua friend.

Others might say that all of the dolls in the collection (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Holland, India, Ireland, China and Australia) are uniquely stereotypical, but not offensive.

They all come with passports, and each one is dressed in an outfit and accompanied by a pet that you would typically associate with that country. Holland Barbie for instance, wears wooden shoes. China Barbie holds a panda, India Barbie a monkey, etc.

Here’s a statement from Mattel, released to Huffington Post after the backlash:  Continue reading “Mexican Barbie’s Chihuahua and Passport Cause Controversy”

Hey, Instead Of Congratulating Gabby Douglas, Let’s Make Fun Of Her Hair!

A few short bus-riding red helmet-wearing individuals have decided that 16-year-old Gabby Douglas, the second black gymnast to ever make the U.S. women’s Olympic team and first to win all-around gold, is shameful for having “bad hair.”

An article on Yahoo! confirmed many members of the African-American community’s opinion. One person wrote, “Gabby Douglas is cute and all…but that hair…on camera,”

Another said “I know that every black female looked at Gabby Douglas’s hair and asked Why? Just why?”

Hey assholes… First of all, I know there’s a lot of pressure that I could never understand for black women to have straight shiny hair and weaves and wigs and all this stuff, but she looks great. Continue reading “Hey, Instead Of Congratulating Gabby Douglas, Let’s Make Fun Of Her Hair!”

Lena Dunham Defends White ‘Girls’

Lena Dunham has come to the defense of the show she created, writes, directs and stars in. HBO’s Girls (produced by Judd Apatow) has come under fire for being only about white women who don’t have to work.

These “rich white girl” complaints are easy to dismiss. I honestly couldn’t care less about diversity because so many shows with a variety of skin tones seem to have cast that way to avoid criticisms of this very nature. And who exactly is concerned about this? I’m guessing white women and men who caught half an episode or less. Was Friends diverse? Sex And The City? The Cosby ShowEntourage? Seinfeld? God no.

Gimme an ice pick to the eye every time I hear someone making a hullabaloo over Lena Dunham unless it’s because she’s original, funny and not afraid to “go there.”  Continue reading “Lena Dunham Defends White ‘Girls’”

Popchips Paints Ashton Kutcher’s Face Brown

Ashton Kutcher will market and/or star in almost anything – Twitter, Two and a Half Men, Foursquare, Nikon COOLPIX, Valentine’s Day, Popchips, Skype, the list is endless. Sometimes, he even makes bad decisions. Joe Paterno comments? Backstabbing Demi?

His latest, an online and outdoor campaign for Popchips, is not being received well for its use of “brownface.” Kutcher plays four characters. An Indian movie producer, a spoof of Karl Lagerfeld called “Darl,” a stoner, and a biker.

Continue reading “Popchips Paints Ashton Kutcher’s Face Brown”

Four Legit Reasons To Outlaw Public Breastfeeding

Selma Blair possesses a common attitude. On the topic of feeding her son Arthur, she told People“The only time he cries is if he’s hungry, we all have nipples. I don’t care who I offend; my baby wants to eat. If I can’t get a cover over me quick enough, so be it.”

I know I’m going to come off sounding mean. It’s not like she has to go home just because she’s breastfeeding, she can run to the bathroom or maybe a place that is child-sanctioned, like Chuck E. Cheese or Hooters.

I like Selma Blair… Hellboy II is my favorite comic book movie for god’s sake. I even liked when she snogged a ghost in The Fog remake. Regardless, here are my problems with public breastfeeding… Continue reading “Four Legit Reasons To Outlaw Public Breastfeeding”

Doonesbury Pulled From Newspapers For Abortion Focus

 Newspapers in several states including Oregon, Florida and Texas refused to print Doonsebury comic strips after the series focused on the topic of abortion for a week.

Obvious references to Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” comment and the two sponsors of the abortion sonogram bill (which would require women to examine their baby before termination) Sen. Dan Patrick and Rep. Sid Miller, appeared prominently.

In the comic, legislator “Sid Patrick” asks a young woman if her parents “know she’s a slut” after she mentions using contraceptives.  Continue reading “Doonesbury Pulled From Newspapers For Abortion Focus”

Bryant Gumbel Compares NBA Commissioner To Slave Driver

Respected sports journalist Bryant Gumbel has caught himself in a bit of a scandal. Tuesday on his show, HBO’s brilliant docu-series, Real Sports,he compared national basketball association commissioner David Stern to a plantation owner/operator.

The quote was that Stern “always seemed eager to be viewed as some kind of modern plantation overseer treating NBA men as if they were his boys.” This was in reference to the NBA lockout…

Continue reading “Bryant Gumbel Compares NBA Commissioner To Slave Driver”

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Vid Mirrors Chris Brown Romance?

Rihanna’s new video is here, you know, the one that got her kicked out of a field in Northern Ireland because some sensible farmer was like, “Hey there’s a half-naked lady and a camera crew squatting in my wheat crop, what’s up with that?”

And people (me) were wondering if she was dating that dude in the video, purse-lipped boxer/model Dudley O’Shaughnessy who plays her boyfriend in it. People (me) are now also wondering if perhaps this whole video is inspired by her rocky romance with Chris Brown.

Continue reading “Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Vid Mirrors Chris Brown Romance?”

Controversial Tattooed Barbie Is About As ‘Scary’ As Avril

Mattel has teamed up with Tokidoki to make an alternative Barbie who sports a pink bob, a skull shirt and TATTOOS.

Parents and bloggers – who happen to be uptight Tea Party types – are outraged at the very thought of a tatted-up Barbie. Like, how dare she ruin the lovely reputation of this classic doll, who first appeared back in 1959!?

Barbie was like an early version of tabloids, music videos and movies, something to remind us of what we can never be.

And don’t forget, they already made one called “Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie” in 2009, which included applicable stickers for not only the doll but for its owner.

Don’t dolls and toys exist as an experiment of things we COULD do to ourselves, but wouldn’t necessarily do?

Like the time my friends and I took a Barbie’s head off and stuffed slugs inside of her right before burying her in the garden…

Continue reading “Controversial Tattooed Barbie Is About As ‘Scary’ As Avril”

Why Doesn’t Carson Kressley Dance With A Man On DWTS?

A recent controversy sparked by Chaz Bono had me wondering something…

If Carson Kressley from Queer Eye is gay and on Dancing With The Stars, why doesn’t he get to dance with a man?

Chaz Bono is dancing with a woman, I understand that he is transgendered but if DWTS is so open-minded then why is that not happening?

They still don’t have a professional dancer who is comfortable dancing with another man?

They kind of all look like they would be to me so maybe that is up to the producers? I saw Lacey Schwimmer’s (Chaz’s partner) on TV the other day, she didn’t look so comfortable herself.

Continue reading “Why Doesn’t Carson Kressley Dance With A Man On DWTS?”

Glee’s Heather Morris’ Black Eye Photos

Everybody’s favorite ditzy TV cheerleader has been photographed by controversial photographer Tyler Shields for his website. She is depicted with a very visible black eye, for no apparent reason.

The pictures of Glee’s Heather Morris are getting negative attention from various sources included the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Shields told E!,

“In no way were we promoting domestic violence. We wanted to do a bruised-up Barbie shoot and that’s exactly what we did!”

Continue reading “Glee’s Heather Morris’ Black Eye Photos”

White Michael Vick?

Yesterday an editorial article in ESPN’s magazine and on their website caused a stir for photoshopping Michael Vick’s face to make him white (he still looks like an asshole to me)

After a few hours of the white-faced Vick picture being posted, ESPN took the it down and replaced it with a regular picture of the Eagles quarterback.

The article was actually very well written (by Touré, who works for MSNBC, and Fuse) and discussed how Michael Vick might not be in the situation he is in if hewere white, not because a white man wouldn’t receive criticism for animal abuse but because it probably wouldn’t have allowed him to be be exposed to dogfighting in the first place.

Continue reading “White Michael Vick?”