Video: The Pros and Cons of Dating Britney Spears

Britney Spears continues to publicly shame David Lucado for cheating on her, this time by bringing her boobs to the Tonight Show in a flowing, bright red pantsuit.

For the record, she’s totally not thrilled at all to be on Tinder and hates David Letterman.


Meet Britney Spears’ New Boyfriend, Non-Famous Guy #4 a.k.a. David Lucado

Britney Spears David Lucado mall Britney Spears has a new boyfriend/escort. He’s from Hotlanta and is currently working for a law firm in L.A., not as a lawyer, but as an errand boy. I’m guessing she met him online (Craigslist “free” section, under dirt/tools?) or because someone he works for is involved in her legal affairs.

By my count, he’s her fourth unfamous boyfriend after NOT-George-Constanza (but just as schlubby) high school friend Jason Alexander, amateur hamburger reviewer Kevin Federline, and uncle Jason Trawick.

Britney’s taste for famous guys (or their taste for her) was put to rest over a decade ago, when her true love broke her heart. (Unless we’re counting the four-night stand with Colin Farrell.)  Continue reading “Meet Britney Spears’ New Boyfriend, Non-Famous Guy #4 a.k.a. David Lucado”