E! Says Beyonce is, Like, Pregnant Again, For Sure

Beyonce surprise faceE! News’ “most read” article today is, unsurprisingly, one confirming that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child. This means she’ll pop out a beautiful baby (likely the subject of her next HBO special) named Green Violet sometime next winter.

(Hard to be excited for her when SOME people are having their breasts and ovaries removed.)

Clues include a concert cancellation (for dehydration and exhaustion), one stomach-concealing Givenchy dress, and the interviews Beyonce gave right after she gave birth to Blue Ivy. The ones where she said Jay-Z and her weren’t done making sweet unprotected love on a rug made of ground-up Destiny’s Child members. The Hobbit Ring humor Beyonce Single Ladies Beyonce’s “I’m about to have another baby” dance goes something like this...

Is Pickle Juice The New Gatorade?

For athletes, Pickle Juice Sport in particular may very well be the next Gatorade. Its founder Brandon Brooks provides over 20 teams and over 100 pro athletes with his product which has seen a sales increase of 54% since just last year.

It’s not hard to imagine a bigger company buying him out, since Brooks is having trouble producing enough to sell it at mass retail grocery outlets. Brigham Young University found in a study on people who worked out until they were cramped-up and partially dehydrated felt relief in just 85 seconds, which is double the time it usually takes with other sports drinks or water.

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