Emma Stone is the Nicki Minaj of Lip Syncing

Crazy adorable ginger (and only reason to ever step foot in a theater showing Amazing Spider-Man 2) Emma Stone decimated the competition over at The Tonight Show with her mouthed renditions of the equally challenging “Hook” by Blues Traveler and DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.”

Fallon’s dance moves didn’t stand a chance against Emma, whose lips and arms were moving so fast that audience members in the front row witnessed some of her freckles bouncing off her skin and into their laps.

I never thought I’d see John Popper and Ludacris proud on the same day…

‘Ye Shares His Spotlight With Kim in New Video

World-famous butt-haver Kimmie K showed up all hooded up in Ye’s new vid achieving her best acting role yet – not being the center of attention.

Her three-second cameo appearance is in DJ Khaled’s, Rick Ross’ and Kanye’s new music video I Wish You Would/Kanye’s Cold, directed by Hype Williams. Continue reading “‘Ye Shares His Spotlight With Kim in New Video”