Octopus And Seaweed Gown, Fashion Or Garbage?

I wasn’t a fan of Lady Gaga’s meat dress and I’m not a fan of this octo-weed smock either, it’s almost as if this lady wants people to think she washes her crotch with runoff water from Pike Place Market.

Yes, it’s true, this is an actual outfit, technically. It’s attention-seeking and impractical but was featured in a new exhibit in Berlin, created by a chef named Roland Trettl.

Wait, a chef made this? So it’s MEANT to be eaten. I wonder if they’ll eat the model too? I hear bones are useful in cooking because they highlight flavor and add texture. Mmmmmm.

Other cookable worn-delights included quail-egg necklaces, a salmon tank top, squid scarf, chocolate dress and a fish-skin mask.

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Brooke Hogan Is An Animal

[Photo by Jordan Michael Zuniga]

And when I say she’s an animal I don’t mean like, a Ke$ha Animal, not like a simple party girl, which she is, but literally an animal in a cage.

The semi-infamous daughter of now divorced Hulk and Linda Hogan, posed nude in a dog cage to benefit PETA, at the Cafeina gallery in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, Florida.

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