Drake Angry Over Extremist Fan Forehead Tattoo

No matter how much you enjoy tattoos, everyone knows or should (emphasis on “should”) know that face tattoos are not acceptable socially and are generally considered a sign of depleted mental health.

Earlier this month a picture of a woman who had tattooed Drake‘s rapper name on her forehead surfaced. A true fan woulda had “Aubrey” inked on the bridge of her nose or whatever, but regardless, the tattoo artist says he didn’t want to do it and had no idea who Drake was.

“I figured it was her hood…not some goofnugget R&B dude…I could have turned her away…the way I see it, if she’s got her little heart set on getting her forehead tattooed then she’ll just keep on trying until somebody finally goes through with it.”

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Jennifer Aniston Finally Shows Signs Of Aging

Well, ONE sign of aging, also a sign that she’s never had cosmetic surgery besides a nose job.

I was examining this photo of Jen and Demi Moore, at an event in NYC, and I noticed that she actually has a forehead wrinkle!

One lone wrinkle, sitting upon her brow as if it were making a proud and distinct statement – “I am 42, and I look amazing. Here lies proof that I am a real person who ages gracefully, and need not dive face-first into botox needles.”

The same cannot be said for Demi Moore…

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Rose McGowan Looks Like An Alien During NY Fashion Week

I really like Rose McGowan, I think she’s funny and has a pretty decent career, appearing in one of my favorite movies, Jawbreaker, and favorite shows Nip/Tuck.

HOWEVER I don’t approve of her blatant plastic surgery addiction. In this photo of her at NY Fashion Week, her lips look like two pink burn-victim survivor slugs.

Her eyes and forehead seem forlorn, aggravated from all the needle injection points. Weird how most people who continuously get botox or cosmetic surgery are the ones who need it the least.