Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-2-12]

Pictures of frightened Sherri Shepard at a haunted house: priceless. (Huffington Post)

“Things Girls Lie About” is one of the best “Shit Girls Say” spinoffs. (ohmyGAHH!)

The winner of The X Factor is Khloe’s boob. (Radar)

Amanda Bynes says she never walked through the tanning salon naked. (Us Weekly)

You already know who Courtney Stodden’idol is, just think really hard… (Gawker)

Sam Lufti‘s case against Britney Spears dismissed by judge. (TMZ)

28-year-old metal singer leaves eerie tweet before fatal motorcycle accident. (ONTD!)

Brazilian model uses Hurricane Sandy devastation as sexy photo backdrop. (Daily Mail)

Funny Video: Megan Fox Startled By Man In Banana Suit

Megan Fox visited Ellen DeGeneres yesterday to talk about body ink regrets (“Kids, don’t ever get tattoos!”) and her former job at a smoothie shop.

Yes, Megan Fox used to sell fruity beverages to teens/parents, and dressed up as a banana every Friday! Ellen, a notorious prankster, took the opportunity to frighten Megan with a yellow accomplice.