J-Lo Bought Her Son A Hot Wheels Truck

Jennifer Lopez bought her 25 year-old son boyfriend a customized Dodge Ram truck for his birthday on Friday.

People like to put emphasis on Jennifer’s age (she’s 42) and say they’re together cause he wants money and she wants to feel young, but it’s unnecessary.

I don’t criticize the age difference, I criticize her general taste in men, and this is a step down from everybody. Casper Smart might as well be Kevin Federline or former J-Lo hubby Cris Judd.

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Reggie Bush Buys Dolphin Offensive Line Segways

Reggie Bush bought the entire Miami offensive line some two-wheeled personal transporters, because we all know that offensive lineman are waify and need to be wary of walking.

His blockers can now race around South Beach at 12 miles an hour, picking up women and dining on fried foodstuffs without a bothersome car or stroll. The former Saint’s running back announced the gifts on Twitter, and posted pictures of the guys riding around on them “Just bought the whole offensive line segways!!!! I think they like them…They are riding around the parking lot like little kids in a candy store!”

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