Infamous Child Molester R. Kelly Releases Tribute To Sandy Hook Elementary

R. Kelly tuxedo 1The song is “I Know You Are Hurting.” It’s in the vein of “I Believe I Can Fly” and “You Are Not Alone” and it was just released by R. Kelly as a tribute to the kids of Newtown, Connecticut.

While it’s hard to speak ill of him and the fact that he’s donating the proceeds to the victims’ families, it seems inappropriate considering he was charged with seven counts of producing child pornography in 2002.

Is this just one of those times when you hush me? Because I understand.

Take the money. And if he donates out of his own pocket, it’s probably “Trapped In The Closet” money, not at all tainted by the fact that he recorded himself peeing on a 14-year-old. Continue reading “Infamous Child Molester R. Kelly Releases Tribute To Sandy Hook Elementary”

The Most Inappropriate Kardashian TV Moment Ever?

“Inappropriate” and “Kardashian” in one sentence feels like a very redundant oxymoron. Anyone who watches the show knows this is one weird family, and I’m not talking about brains or selfishness.

The sisters (and Rob) are constantly de-pantsing and groping each other while talking in detail about sex and every other thing I would never consider discussing with my family.

On the finale of Khloe & Lamar, Khloe considers getting a DNA test to find out is she is in fact Robert Kardashian’s biological daughter.  Continue reading “The Most Inappropriate Kardashian TV Moment Ever?”

Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie

As a regular viewer, I’m more than familiar with the sometimes unscripted, in-your-face interviewing carelessness of Chelsea Handler.

That doesn’t mean I was prepared for Community/Mad Men/Five-Year Engagement star Alison Brie to tell a story about her perversity at age seven.

We all know kids are perverts, but the topic of their unknowing sexuality or joking raunchiness is usually a taboo subject strictly limited to small gatherings of parents behind closed doors. Not national television.  Continue reading “Chelsea Handler Conducts Cringeworthy Interview With Alison Brie”

Lindsay Lohan Kisses Her Mom, In A Not-Okay Manner

In pictures obtained by RumorFix, Lindsay Lohan is giving her mom the sort of kiss you’d think she’d give Samantha Ronson.

It was Dina Lohan’s 49th birthday (task tsk) and she had a celebration last Thursday at Beauty & Essex in NYC.

The youngest Lohan, Cody, even wore a shirt with a very clear message, one that read “the whole family.” And yes, the whole family was there. (Except the dad)

Ali Lohan, Cody Lohan and of course, Lindsay and Dina -making out…
Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Kisses Her Mom, In A Not-Okay Manner”