Funny Video: How To Piss Off A Frog

Not having teeth: not an obstacles for angry frogs looking to bite their taunting iPhone-loving owners. I wonder if I can hire this creature to beat Angry Birds Space for me?

Oh, correction, they do have teeth, they’re just super small and dull. Still possible to draw blood.

Funny Video: Chris Brown And Siri

There are a lot of Siri commercials out there, the “rock god” one and its parody, then celebrity variations with Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich and Samuel L. Jackson.

This spoof happens to stand out because it’s a diss on Chris Brown. I’ll never not be happy to hear the phone say “Somehow you have three in the top twenty” followed by “Turns out music buyers have fucking short memories.” 

A Pocketed Bra, For All My Hooker Friends

Are you constantly shoving dollar bills, your driver’s license, and phone into your cleavage? If so, there’s a perfect article of clothing for you – the kangaroo-inspired “JoeyBra,” made by two female University of Washington students.

They put the item on the weird-and-creative-funding-goldmine Kickstarter and it’s receiving all kinds of attention. Everyone from Forbes to Jwoww.

The bra, which you can buy for $30 dollars, is designed to look and feel as though there’s nothing in the pocket.

From the website: “Our unique product allows women to finally ditch the purse and opt for freedom. JoeyBra, a sexy pocketed bra, offers two discreet pockets on the sides of the bra.”  Continue reading “A Pocketed Bra, For All My Hooker Friends”

A Siri I Can Get On Board With…

In a new video, New York film student Matt Binder decided to channel his hatred for the Apple iPhone 4S commercial with the jerky teenage slavemaster who demands to be addressed as “rock god.”

The fixed version of the video features an unbridled Siri telling him to get a haircut, suggesting that Baha Men are suited to his tastes and saying, “Fuck you. Your band sucks. OK?”

I reached out to Binder for more info and he told me, “As a fan of Apple products, it was shocking to see such a commercial come from them. The kid is trying to learn guitar in the beginning of the commercial, plays to a few friends in a garage, and asks to be called ‘Rock God’ in all of 30 seconds.”

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