Leonardo DiCaprio Does Jack Nicholson’s Eyebrows

Leonardo DiCaprio Nicholson impressionSorry if the headline deceived you, but Jack Nicholson did not get his brows tweezed by Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s more likely that Leo ripped the hairs and responsible facial muscles out of Jack’s face during some downtime on The Departed.

When asked if he did impersonations on a Japanese talk show, DiCaprio said “Well, I do these Jack Nicholson eyebrows” and proceeded to make the face that scored Nicholson a role in 1989’s Batman.

Earlier in the interview, he said that he only dates women with “great” senses of humor.

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Danny DeVito: Predictably Buying A Sports Car

Little People, Big World star Danny DeVito is celebrating his life as a single man now even more than during his 30-year marriage to Rhea Perlman.

Instead of taking showers with blonde extras from 90’s movies, he’s got his eye on a sports car equipped with the custom-made midlife crisis interior.

From a “friend” of DeVito’s, to Radar.com:

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Jack Nicholson Is Definitely Not Going To The Superbowl

When asked by the paparazzi if he was going to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis Jack Nicholson responded in his get-off-my-lawn voice that he’d “rather drink bleach.”

Nicholson was born in New York so it would be logical to assume he’s a Giants fan but since he now lives in L.A. and roots for the Lakers as if it were a full-time job it’s impossible to know where he stands.

Your first thought might be that Jack just hates football and only prays at the alter of basketball but I have another theory. I believe he said he’d rather just bleach because of the spectacle of the thing.

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