Amy Adams For Vanity Fair, January 2014

Amy Adams Vanity fair coverAmy Adams gets straight to the point (and half-naked) in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Spreading holiday cheer with candy canes and signature ginge minge at famed celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont, Adams tells VF that she is “not pregnant” or looking to get married anytime soon to longtime boyfriend/fiancé Darren Le Gallo.

“I know he’s completely capable and lovely, and beautiful, and offers something I could never hope to offer just in the nature of his being,” Adams says.

She also talks about losing weight and being brown in David O. Russell’s American Hustle, which lazily combines the casts of his previous films, Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter.

“It’s amazing what a tan can do. Because I’m not tan, so that was fun to play with,” Adams added.  Continue reading “Amy Adams For Vanity Fair, January 2014”

Victoria Jackson Wants ‘White History Month’ To Come Before Black History Month

Victoria Jackson crazyAngry bag of wet cats Victoria Jackson has decided that the first day of Black History Month is the perfect time to talk about why January should be called “White History Month” in honor of important dead white men.

Ironically, Jackson is the black mold (and black ice) of the conservative party who (I think) pretends to thrive on choking out the freedoms of people who don’t share her views because she’s really bored and attention-starved.

In a now-deleted article posted on, Victoria wrote that she was “tired” of whities (who are now “becoming a minority”) being attacked by the media.  Continue reading “Victoria Jackson Wants ‘White History Month’ To Come Before Black History Month”

Funny Ladies (Abby Elliott) Can Be Sultry Too

People who watch SNL may not remember all the new cast members, some names (not necessarily performances) fade into the bakground, like Paul Brittain, Vanessa Bayer, Nasim Pedrad, Taran Killam and Abby Elliott.

The last, Abby Elliott is known for dopey characters. She often plays “the girlfriend” (usually Andy Samberg’s) but her impersonations are what you’d remember her for.

“I’m Khloe” always gets a laugh, you know the “special” Kardashian who doesn’t add anything to her introduction except a more vacant smirk than the ones on her sister’s faces.

Her  Chloë Sevigny, Meryl Streep and Angelina Jolie also kill. Elliott, who was nearly born in the 90’s (1987) makes me feel old.

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Lana Del Rey, Scheduled As Musical Guest On SNL

Lana Del Rey, whose singles “Video Games” and “Born To Die” have wooed millions of music fans who are still mourning the death of Amy Winehouse, Laura Marling’s decline and the lack of a third Adele CD, is set to appear on Saturday Night Live January 14, 2012 with Daniel Radcliffe.

This is news for one because a large chunk of the average American population has no idea who she is and because as far as I can tell, she’s the first artist to be asked on the show whose album has yet to be released. (Born To Die is set to drop Jan. 31)

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Carey Mulligan, For W Magazine January 2012

You can call Natalie Portman the next Audrey Hepburn, Ryan Gosling the next quirky Brad Pitt or Lindsay Lohan the next Anna Nicole Smith but Carey Mulligan she’s, the next no one. There’s never really been one like her has there? Michelle Williams perhaps but they’re only five years apart in age.

She broke onto the scene with a starring role in An Education, made me cry over love and lost organs in Never Let Me Go, took awkwardness to a whole new level in Drive, and has two very current major roles in the in the forms of Shame (currently in limited release) and The Great Gatsby alongside Leonardo DiCaprio. She tells W Magazine that her role in Shame playing the sister of a hopeless sex addict (Michael Fassbender) was a physically easy role to play.

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