Jesse Pinkman is Inside Your Xbox One’s Head

aaron paul xbox memeAaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad) lives on in crappy car movies, random interviews and televised commercials for Xbox One. Commercials where he utilizes voice commands like “Xbox on,” that are causing consoles across America to power up without their owner’s consent.

“Hey Aaron Paul, please stop messing with my Xbox,” seemed to be the sentiment of most.

Such first world/white male problems. “OH NO, this expensive flat box with the sound and moving pictures is making this other expensive, less flat box beep every time I reach for the bowl of artisan sea salt popcorn resting on my sectional leather sofa…

…I’m totally going to go on a killing spree now and cite this as the ‘reason.'”  Continue reading “Jesse Pinkman is Inside Your Xbox One’s Head”

Video: Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Greets Tour Bus

Two-time Emmy Winner Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad is the most down-to-earth male actor under age 40 as far as I’m concerned. Here he is jumping out of his house to greet a celebrity tour bus full of Irish people.

For more Aaron Paul love, watch him on The Price is Right, then on Beverly Hills 90210 then sit your ass down and watch the movie Smashed where he plays the husband of an alcoholic Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
Aaron Paul Norman Reedus
And here’s a photo of him at Comic-Con with Norman Reedus (Daryl, TWD). You’re welcome.