Justin Bieber Hotboxed a Jet

Justin Bieber weed planeAmidst reports that Justin Bieber drove Selena Gomez to go to rehab when he cheated on her with the girl version of himself (Miley Cyrus), there’s also a rumor that he filled a private jet with so much pot smoke on his way to New York for the Super Bowl that the pilots had to wear gas masks.

Let that sink in. Pilots – who are notorious for popping pills and snorting coke btw – couldn’t handle the amount of weed smoke that had permeated throughout the plane.

Drug dogs at the airpot unsurprisingly found no “unsmoked marijuana,” not because Justin and his crew of Lil’ Zas and Twists were wise enough to cover their tracks, but because they are enormously greedy and likely burned up more than their combined weight (200 pounds?) in weed during one flight from Canada to NYC.

Lewis Hamilton Buys Private Jet to See More of Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis hamilton nicole scherzingerIf you were a Formula 1 Race Driver who just signed a $94 million contract with Mercedes would you rather a) buy a $47 million private jet to see your girlfriend across the world or b) spend $1 million on whores to dress up like your girlfriend. See this is the difference between true romantic Lewis Hamilton and Charlie Sheen.

The 28-year old race car driver splashed out on a private jet so he could see his former Pussy Cat Doll and shiteous solo artist Nicole Scherzinger. See ladies, all it takes to supremely whip a man is exotic Eurasian- Indian looks and the leadership skills to shoot seven strippers to stardom.

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43 Dead In KHL Hockey Plane Crash

A plane carrying members of the Russian Kontinental Hockey Team called “Lokomotiv,” crashed today. So far 43 of the 45 passengers onboard died, with 26 year-old forward Alexander Galimov and one crew member in critical condition.

Several well-known NHL hockey players were onboard, the most prominent being the Slovakian player Pavol Demitra, 36, an all-star right wing and former member of the Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues and Vancouver Canucks.

Demitra had a whopping 304 career goals and 464 assists.

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