Brooke Mueller Took Adderall So She Could Sell More Jewelry

Brooke Mueller Trying To Sell Her Jewelry At Fred Segal[Downgraded version of Drea de Matteo] Brooke Mueller is famous for boozing, powder-sniffing, prescription pill popping, catfights and having twins with Charlie Sheen, so it’s not like your eyebrows will raise more than half a centimeter when I tell you that she’s in trouble.

Mueller, who passed out last Friday after taking too much of the ADHD drug Adderall, is telling her friends that she only took it so she could sell more jewelry. Yeah, I said jewelry.

Brooke doesn’t have a lot going on since The World According To Paris was cancelled and Charlie Sheen stopped ranting about winning godess warlocks, so she’s been trying to pawn her turquoise rock collection and socialite vagina bangles off on Fred Segal and other unsuspecting victims.  Continue reading “Brooke Mueller Took Adderall So She Could Sell More Jewelry”

Tom Cruise Loosened The Katie Holmes Leash

For those of you who think that Katie Holmes is living the life of a Hefner girlfriend minus the nudity and sex, you may be wrong. Not only did she star in Guillermo Del Toro’s R-rated horror spectacle, Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark, in August of last year but now she’s posing “topless” as they call it, for H. Stern jewelry.

I bet you didn’t know that Howard Stern and Howard K. Stern had a jewelry line together, but they just love getting together and stringing gems and beads plus talking about the tragedy that was Anna Nicole Smith.

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