Katey Sagal on Johnny Lewis: ‘Kept to Himself, Read a Lot of Books, Was Very Engaging’

Sons of Anarchy actress Katy Sagal talked with Howard Stern on October 24 about recently deceased murder-suspect Johnny Lewis, who played Half-Sack on FX’s hit show.

“I really did like the guy, I don’t like what happened to the guy,” she said after Stern insinuated that she didn’t get along with him.

The guy I knew was this sweet kid, really kind of kept to himself, read a lot of books, was very engaging and was not the guy that suddenly did all that crazy shit.”

“Seriously, there was some chemical imbalance going on.”

“I lost track with him. Some of the guys kept track with him and they knew he was in trouble.”

‘Sons Of Anarchy’ And ‘The O.C.’ Star Johnny Lewis Dead, Suspected Of Killing His Landlady

28-year-old Johnny Lewis, who played the prospect “Half-Sack” on Sons Of Anarchy and Marissa Cooper’s surfer friend “Chili” in season three of The O.C., died after being involved in a bizarre murder on Wednesday, September 26.

Lewis, who was released from jail six days prior and had been in an out of rehab, reportedly murdered the 81-year-old woman he had been renting a room from and then jumped off the roof to his death (his body was discovered in the driveway).

Police believe he was on meth or PCP and many actors and actresses who worked with him Tweeted “rest in peace” messages and hinted that this behavior was not typical or indicative of who he was.

“Johnny Lewis was one of my best friends. He was very, very ill. His actions were a despicable result of that. It was not who he was,” wrote Shannon Woodward, friend of Katy Perry (who Johnny dated in 2006).  Continue reading “‘Sons Of Anarchy’ And ‘The O.C.’ Star Johnny Lewis Dead, Suspected Of Killing His Landlady”