Kate Winslet Cleverly Skewers All Things Titanic

Kate Winslet is seems a little sick of Titanic. Even though her and Leonardo DiCaprio have had expansive careers after their roles in James Cameron’s big-budget romp, they cannot seem to avoid being associated with it by a few nostalgic fans.

People have even urged her to sing the theme song that plays tragically during the end credits and “went on” to become a #1 hit and bestselling song of 1998. “Every time I go into a bar in a hotel where there is a live pianist or a restaurant where they are changing their music according to who walks in the door apparently,” she told MTV News“it’s thrilling for people to surprise me with the Celine Dion song.”  Continue reading “Kate Winslet Cleverly Skewers All Things Titanic”

‘Optical Illusion’ Dress, Non-Weight Loss For Dummies

Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet and Nicola Peltz

Kate Winslet (center) wore a dress designed by Stella McCartney at the Venice Film Festival in September that tricks the eye in an effective yet strange way. Regardless of it looking like undergarments for female members of Federation Starfleet, the “illusion” kinda works.

The dress uses dark portions of colors contrasted with light or cream-colored sections for instant waist-thinning joy. So, when you see Kate from far away you go “Hey, that lady is skinny, what are her secrets?…”

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Brad Pitt And Kate Winslet Like To Save People

On the set of Brad Pitt’s new zombie movie, World War Z (also starring Bryan Cranston and Matthew Fox) an extra was on the verge of being trampled during a chaotic scene. So what did Brad Pitt/Achilles do? He scooped her up and prevented her from getting her head crushed like a sunflower in a hamster’s mouth.

Apparently, there were around 700 zombie/human survivor extras running down the street in Glasgow, Scotland and several suffered broken bones and severe bruising.

So it looks like he didn’t save everybody. Geez Brad way to only save one lady and not help everyone at once. What were you thinking?

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