Tila Tequila Has An Old British Man Living Inside Her

I forgot to report on this when it happened, and I don’t think many people know but Tila Tequila not only has multiple personalities but she explained on July 27th, to Howard Stern, that one of them is an older British gentleman named “Owen!”

So besides there being a lot of other suspicious things “inside” her, there’s a multitude of people living in this little 4’11” bundle of manic Asian energy.

“Miss Tila” as she constantly referred to herself, came onto the show to promote her classy new song “You Can Dance” (I’m serious this song is funny, I love it!)

Stern asked her about a video that had surfaced of her cutting her wrists (which I can’t find) and she blamed it on another personality, named Jane.

“Look at my arm! It was Jane, my other personality.”   Continue reading “Tila Tequila Has An Old British Man Living Inside Her”