Russell Crowe Is Not The Master And Commander Of His Kayak

Notorious male cell phone-thrower and overly dramatic actor Russell Crowe was just having too much fun on Friday when him and a friend went the wrong way in their kayaks.

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People Are MAD That Nemo Needs To Be Found Again

2003’s Finding Nemo is one of the biggest animated movies of this decade, with a recent 3D reboot and an allotted slot next to Toy Story and Ice Age. So why not make it a franchise? That’s Pixar’s savvy thinking nine years later.

A sequel has been projected for a 2016 release, with Ellen DeGeneres in talks to reprise the role of Dory. Social media venue and platform for average America to express its opinion, Twitter, has a lot to say about this.

“Apparently there’s going to be an actual Finding Nemo sequel… is he going to get lost again?” Says @Kimberlychan, one of hundreds of surprised Tweeters wondering what would even go on in a follow-up.

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Michael Phelps Shoots Daggers At Ryan Lochte After Losing 400 IM

Aquatic nuclear devices flew out of Michael Phelps‘ eyes after he lost to his American teammate Ryan Lochte in the 400 meter individual medley earlier today…

It might be time for King Triton to put his flippers in the storage shed and give up the game.

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Lost Co-Star Calls Matthew Fox A Frequent Woman Beater

Dominic Monaghan, who played an angry woman-beating Eminem in the video for “Love The Way You Lie,” is harboring distain for Matthew Fox, whom he spent six years with in Hawaii for ABC’s Lost.

Last Sunday (May 27) a Matthew Fox fan told Monaghan to tell Fox to get a Twitter account, 

“Holla at matthew fox and tell him to get a twitter i beg of you.”

Dom wrote back, “He beats women. No Thanks.” This in reference to Matthew’s alleged attack of a female bus driver last summer (no criminal charges were filed).

People who sent messages in defense of Fox were met with words like, “an accusation is when you ‘claim’ someone did something wrong.i know.but hey little fan girl maybe want to get slapped.”

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Serena Williams Makes History, Loses In First Round Of French Open

Serena Williams (did you know her middle name is “Jameka?”) has never lost in the first round of a major tournament, until now.

In the past she has won no less than 13 grand slams but was beaten on Tuesday by French player Virginie Razzano, ranked 99th worldwide.

The nice sister, Venus, did better, beating her Argentinian foe Paula Ormaechea (ranked No. 120) 6-3 in the final set. Not feeling sorry for someone with Serena’s attitude comes pretty naturally to me.

More naturally than yelling at line judges and making snide, disparaging comments about her opponents in post-game interviews comes to her.