Nicki Minaj Torches Barber Shop And Goes Down On Cassie For “The Boys”

The latest Nicki Minaj video has the cotton-candy loving, Mariah Carey-hating Oompa Loompa bouncing on exercise balls and hanging out in her bikini in a Campagna T-Rex.

You can thank Miley Cyrus, Dev, Eva Simons, Robyn and Bad Boy alum Cassie for setting off lesbian gaydars worldwide with faux hawks, side-shaves, bowls and wife-beaters.

Nicki does the heavy lifting, torching a barber shop with a flame thrower and singing about vag juice while Cassie distracts men with paint rollers. Then there’s a polka dot room, a vespa and dancing queens with pink umbrellas.  Continue reading “Nicki Minaj Torches Barber Shop And Goes Down On Cassie For “The Boys””

Soulja Boy Doesn’t Hate Soldiers

Hip-hop artist Soulja Boy, famous for the song “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” and his “Superman” dance, was slammed over Labor Day weekend by the media and public for his song “Let’s Be Real” where he rapped the lyrics,

“Fuck the FBI and the army troops…fighting for what? Be Your own man..I’ll be flying through the clouds with green like Peter Pan.” 

After the military demanded an apology and tried to get his music banned from their bases, he’s issued and apology and is even trying to have the video removed from the entire internet, as if it never happened.

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