18-Year-Old Brooke Shields Smoked Pot With Bad Brains

Here’s a picture that might humanize child actress and model Brooke Shields. Her smoking pot with H.R. (“Human Rights”) from the D.C. punk band Bad Brains at age 18, in 1983.

The photo has been floating around on Tumblr for a few months but wasn’t publicly acknowledged by Shields or Bad Brains’ camps until recently when it was posted on Twitter by a David Hill, who wrote that he’s “positive” it’s her.  Continue reading “18-Year-Old Brooke Shields Smoked Pot With Bad Brains”

Rihanna Fired Jay-Z

Rihanna is reportedly firing Jay-Z, her mentor and supposed “discoverer,” after complications arose with Jay’s company RocNation.

She is in the midst of suing her “official” manager’s sister, over issues with a crappy leaky house that she bought for $7 million dollars.

Now with Beyonce and Jay-Z looking to expand their “empire,” with Beyonce as the focal point (especially since she’s pregnant) Rihanna is looking to make a clean break from Jay-Z. Continue reading “Rihanna Fired Jay-Z”

Frank DiLeo (October 23, 1947 – August 24, 2011)

Frank DiLeo, 63, a promoter, actor and manager passed away  yesterday in Pittsburg due to complications from heart surgery.

He starred in Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Wayne’s World 1 and 2, and most prominently managed Michael Jackson at the height of his career during the 80’s.

He had worked for Epic Records and RCA promoting noted bands of that time such as Culture Club, Cyndi Lauper and REO Speedwagon. He also helped make Jackson’s Thriller album the success that it was – the bestselling album of all time.

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Kris Humphries Is Whipped

Kris Humphries, that giant who kidnapped Kim Kardashian who along with Taylor Lautner, suffers from UUCF (undeveloped upper caveman face) has a new manager!

It’s his mother -in-law! Succubus Kris Jenner

When Khloe Kardashian married basketball star Lamar Odom  (10,000 times bigger than Humphries) Kris Jenner also took over his career as well, taking a 25% manager fee.

So, Kris helped Lamar (Odashian) work on his fragrance and landed him his reality show on E! with Khloe… What emasculating things can Mrs. Jenner help Kris Humphries do? Design his own tutu line? Help create porcelain figurines of all the NBA teams that are better than the New Jersey Nets?

Hmmmm, I wonder.

A friend to the Kardashian family explained,

“Expect his and her clothes, towels, watches, shoes and by the time they have a baby together, forget it. They will be able to buy the bank.”

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