Lady Gaga Brings The Booty Ballet To Ellen

One of the things I love about Lady Gaga is her loyalty. Loyalty to certain talk shows, and New York, as in, god I hope she never moves to Los Angeles and loses her nightclubby stage art, pizza grease soul. Gaga also seems to have sworn allegiance to Ellen DeGeneres, which means she brought her already tired single, “Marry The Night,” to the show.

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Lady Gaga’s ‘Marry The Night’ Is ‘Sucker Punch’ Gone Wrong(er)

Lady Gaga premiered the 14 minute long music video for “Marry The Night” yesterday on E! and was interviewed before and after by Jason Kennedy. The song is about the day her label dropped her, and so is the video, which is solely directed by Gaga.

The pretentious thing is that Lady Gaga won’t admit to what did and did not happen on that day, meaning what parts of this video are based in reality. I’m guessing little to none. Did she do ballet with a bunch of crazies, or dump Cheerios on her face while naked? Did she dance through the streets of New York proclaiming perseverance? No.

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Lady Gaga Triumphs At MTV Europe Music Awards, Performs ‘Marry The Night’

Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber prevailed at uh, being the biggest and bestest stars of all time? By best I mean they won a few awards at the MTV EMAs in Belfast and performed a few hit songs.

The pied piper of monsters performed “Marry The Night” on top of the moon, in a purple/reddish fungi dress in an even bigger hat/face mask than that hardened egg yolk thing that she wore to the Grammys.

In the meantime, Bieber busted out a mish-mashed version of “Under The Mistletoe” and “Never Say Never.”

Gaga won a total of four awards, for best female and “biggest fans,” a newly created category, while JB won best pop and best male and even mentioned his current baby mama drama,

“Yo, two awards in the past 60 minutes. There’s been a lot of crap on the internet lately, but I’ve pulled through.”

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Perez Sucks At Judging Music Contests, Passes on Gaga Clone

Lately Perez Hilton has been asking his readers to send him videos of them performing covers which he will then rate and judge, thus picking the “best” one.

I’ve always read his blog, since it’s the biggest gossip site out there and quite useful BUT I completely disagree for the second time with his choices.

During his Britney Spears cover competition he picked some jazzy dude over this lady…

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Lady Gaga Marries The Night (Music Video Photos)

Lady Gaga has been spotted all over New York filming the new video for “Marry The Night,” the fifth single off her multi-platinum album Born This Way.

Locations reportedly include Harlem and Staten Island. A video of Lady Balls Balls lazily writhing around on top of a car for this potentially underwhelming video can be seen HERE.

Did Britney and Gaga totally drop the ball here? In what world are “Marry The Night” or “Criminal” considered singles? Should be “Bloody Mary” and “(Drop Dead) Beautiful.” DAMN IT. “Bloody Mary” would have been perfect for Halloween too…

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