Sandra Bullock’s New Best Friend Has a Suspiciously Small Head and Neck

Melissa McCarthy photoshop“Inseparable” new pals Sandra Bullock and her co-star Melissa McCarthy are roughly the same age, their kids play together and they “finish each other’s sentences, according to a profile in Parade.

“Normally after movies, those friendships go away,” says The Heat (and Bridesmaids) director Paul Feig, “Theirs blossomed.”

Sadly, if R. L. Stine’s How I Got My Shrunken Head had been about an itty bitty lima bean cabeza connected to a living, breathing human we’d have answers on what happened to Sandy’s new bestie on the UK poster for the buddy cop movie that hits U.S. theaters June 28.

As you can see, Melissa’s head looks drastically smaller than Bullock’s, her neck has been airbrushed and, as Buzzfeed pointed out, even her eye color is different due to Photoshop molestation.Melissa McCarthy photoshopped
As if our body issues weren’t already bad enough, industry bigwigs are giving actresses, models and singers digital plastic surgery on the daily if they’re not on a juice diet resulting in organ failure.

Jenny McCarthy on Cousin Melissa McCarthy: ‘Now America Gets to See How Funny She is’

Jenny McCarthy Watch what happens liveIt’s public knowledge that Bridesmaids‘ funny lady Melissa McCarthy and Jenny McCarthy are first cousins. But how close are they? Jenny spoke to Bravo’s Andy Cohen about her relationship with Melissa, who stars in Identity Thief with Jason Bateman (in theaters now) and the upcoming cop comedy The Heat alongside Sandra Bullock.

I’m so proud of Melissa McCarthy. She actually called me when I first started my MTV show, not Singled Out, but my sketch show, and said ‘I’m in New York, I wanna come to L.A., I wanna get a job in acting, I’ve been doing off-Broadway.’ And I said, ‘Well, to get your feet wet you have to start low, so why don’t you come out and be a PA on my sketch show.’  Continue reading “Jenny McCarthy on Cousin Melissa McCarthy: ‘Now America Gets to See How Funny She is’”